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Turnover Plagued 2nd Half Costs Pioneers

Turnover Plagued 2nd Half Costs Pioneers

Damien Gordon (6'4 Sophomore Forward) scored 24 points on 9-10 shooting and Duoth Gach (6'5 Sophomore Forward) hit for 20 more as NDSCS rallied from a 5 point halftime deficit for a 87-73 win in Miles City. MCC led 44-39 at halftime but committed 18 second half turnovers and couldn't get back on track as the NDSCS Wildcats (2-0, 15-2) had a huge 2nd half that saw them outscore MCC (1-1, 9-8) 48-29 in the that half.

The Pioneers were led by Gedeon Buzangu (6'8 Sophomore Forward) scored 29 points (8-8 FG, 13-14 FT) and grabbed 7 rebounds while Deondre Northey (6'1 Sophomore Guard) had 21 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists on the night but the Pioneers couldn't get anything going in that second half with the turnover issues. 

Both teams shot over 50% as NDSCS was 29-57 from the field and the Pioneers were 24-46. Rebounding was very close but the turnovers proved to be the determining factor in the Pioneers fate. 

MCC will travel to Lake Region State on Wednesday night for a 7:30 PM MST tip.